Thursday, March 10, 2011

Le Sigh...

Sorry I didn't post yesterday, or put up a picture of myself. I was admitted to the hospital Wednesday around 2:30am. Courtesy of my husband and my mother, who think I have a problem. They did a full body inspection and physical. Do you know what it's like to be outed? In front of doctors and nurses who just don't understand? They found the cuts on my thighs...I'm ashamed. Embarrassed. Betrayed. I don't know. Hopefully, I'll post soon. But as of now, I'm on close watch. Sorry to let you all down again. I hadn't cut in like 4 months. But my husband has fucked up again. I don't know my head isn't straight right now. Love you all. Think skinny. 


  1. Hang in there. You're only human. I have been thinking about you all day, and how you are brave enough to take on a 40 day fast. Be strong.

  2. Same sentiments as above ^

    Also love the thinspo pics you have here :)

  3. omg, thats sad! i would hate to be betrayed like that! but its okay; i kno wat its like to feel that way; i've been a self harmer for the past 3 or 4 yrs (but havnt cut in almost 6 months).
    anyway, good luck and hand in there! just take one step at a time and get through it <3