Thursday, March 31, 2011


Seriously??? Why don't you just load the gun for me! BLAH!!! >:( 

Oh dear god. I can't win for losing. On a positive note, my laptop still works!! Minor damages, but it still does it's job, right on! But on a negative note, I'm an obese cow, obviously. How is everyone. I'm actually okay today. And this little bit of info above, surprisingly, didn't trigger anything. Yay! Nothing interesting is going on right now, but tomorrow is April 1. And do you know what that means? YES! The start of a new fast! I'm super excited. Anyone want to join? If you do, instant message me (AIM). Sounds very 2002, but I have a little app on my phone for it, and I want to use it. And I ALWAYS have my phone, even in the potty. KatWigs29. I never realized until now, my name sounds like cat wigs. Well it's not lol, it's my name and my nickname for my last name. Just clarifying lol. So, all of my followers rock! Seriously, you all do. And thanks for all your support. I love you guys! My husband is a lying bastard. But you know what, fuck him. I'm only worrying about me and my son from now on. And my will to get thin is greater than his will to make my life a living hell, cuz baby it already is! And thanks unknown for nominating me, I don't know to much about awards on here right now, but thanks thanks thanks! But I'm off to go do what ever it is I do. Think skinny!


  1. I am planning to do a fast till Monday morning. Make it a three day one again. Good luck with yours :)

  2. Where did you work out your BMI? I want to get a green board like that :)