Thursday, March 17, 2011

Makin' This Quick...

I restarted my fast. I know what you're thinking but I actually didn't binge or anything, but since the hospital thing it's been holy hell trying to restrict. On an up note,  I started at 188.4 on Tuesday (PAST MY FIRST GOAL!!!) and now day 3 of my fast I'm 183.0. Do not get me wrong, I'm hungry. I hate being hungry, but it's also a lovely feeling. Also, thanks to everyone following me! 34 people! Aaaaawesome! Alright guys and gals, I'll be updating tomorrow, I promise. Think skinny.


  1. Good luck, I love your weight loss accomplishments! I've started out on a fast again, too. Whenever I'm hungry, I just think "that means I'm losing weight".

    Keep going strong!

  2. You're doing well; just stay determined.

    Fat free love x

  3. everytime i fast, i never loose anything, i'm jealous ^^ but yeah, i do it for the good feelings that come with it!