Monday, January 24, 2011


I just want to be beautiful. I just want to look perfect. I have been sick all weekend. Which has helped with my eating. Because I really haven't ate. I'm glad for that but I couldn't get to the gym saturday. So when I weighed myself today, I gained a pound, WTF? I'm not going to lie. I'm doing this for me mostly, but I'm also doing this so I can look good for my husband. I'm scared he'll find someone better. And it hurts me to think about it. I just want to be thin.Fat isn't pretty. Who looks at fat and likes it? There is no such thing as a BBW. I hate that term. And I wish people wouldn't call me that anymore. I want to be sexy. And thin is sexy. But hey, it will take some time. I know it wont happen overnight.

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  1. Don't you worry, hun, you'll get there... slowly, but for sure. There are so many girls out there who tried and succeeded, so why shouldn't we?

    Good luck, get better soon and- stay strong!