Monday, January 31, 2011


I'm tired. From everything. From work. From being Mommy. From being Wife. From the gym. From mentally beating myself. From emotionally beating myself. I'm just tired. Even in my dreams I'm not happy. Yesterday was Sunday. When our family gets together, EVERY week. Food GALORE! I was actually proud. I portioned myself. I had to eat because my grandmother makes sure everyone is eating. Then she pulled out desert. My inner fat girl sat on my inner thin girl. And I hate some. *sigh* No self control, I'm tellin' ya. Then when I came home, My husband made cinni rolls. WTF!? He knows I'm on a diet. Inconsiderate basturd. I know I shouldn't, But I ate one. Why the fuck not? I had already ruined my day. Tomorrow I'm gonna try a juice fast. We'll see how it goes. Think Skinny.


  1. Good luck with the juice fast. Hang in there. We can do it. <3

  2. hope you feel better <3 we all get tired of things once in a while. don't be too hard on yourself (: good luck on your fast!