Thursday, January 27, 2011


I ate so much in the past two days. I relapsed...I failed. Yesterday I ate half a banana. I was so proud, theeeen My mother took us to Olive Garden. Was I supposed to tell her no? She knows it's my favorite. That would be like a crack addict Passing up free crack. *sigh* I wish, wish, wish I could just keep my mouth shut. The little girl downstairs doesn't stop screaming. I swear they do something to her. We're moving outa her soon. THANK GOD. I can't handle the hillbillies I live by anymore. I ate alot today too. Seemed to slip my mind to write that. I had soup, a little pizza, and some stawberries. Bahaha. Like 24,000 calories. But I'm going to the gym tonight. I'll do another 2 hours. I have to. Well, hope all is well with you girls. Think Skinny.

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  1. The Relapse, as awful as this might sound, and I am so sorry to say, it does help knowing someone else feels as bad as I do when I relapse.
    I feel this urge come over me and I can not stop. I try, and I will cry as I shovel food in to my mouth and all I can think about it the fat hiding my hip bones, and my shoulder blades, billowing along my arms.
    I had a two day Binge, and tomorrow I am going to work at the gym to make it up to my body.