Saturday, January 29, 2011

May I Take Your Order?

Yup it's true. I work at the Mac Shack. But suprisingly, I hate the food. Maybe it's becuase I have eaten so much of it before. Or just because I see it get made. But it's gross. Remember in waiting when they say, "Don't fuck with the people who cook your food" Yeah, don't. And somehow I manage not to eat it. Even when the hunger pangs kick in. I could grab a fry, But I don't. Anyways, Today at work a lady brought her kids in. And the one kid threw a tantrum, Because he wanted ice cream. At 8am. And she gave in. No wonder they're 120lbs at 6 years old. Not just ice cream mind you. And oreo McFlurry. Extra oreo. *sigh* I don't want to ever do that to my son. Feed him this shit, Clogging his arteries. So he can look like me? Fat as fuck? HELL NO! I want him to be healthy. I wish this was an actual weekend. Instead I work. Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I never get one off. But it's sort of motivation. I see the people who drive through. Or come in. They're huge. And I just think to myself, I can't look like that. So it motivates me to lose the weight. To keep my trap shut. But I'm off to bed. I work at 6am everyday. Bleh. Night Girls, Think Skinny, k?

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  1. My first job was McDonalds. I use to eat the grilled chicken all by itself. It's the only thing I could stand to eat besides the diet coke. It's weird too how the diet coke at Mc D's tastes nothing like real diet coke too. I avoided the ice b/c the ice maker had mold growing in the bottom. I know there tends to be mold in the soda dispenser too, but some how that was more tolerable. I hated the customers there would think they were paying $50 per meal by the way they acted...jerks.