Tuesday, January 18, 2011


These pills are amazing. I have energy and I crave NOTHING. I love these :D I'm so energetic... Like Woo!! Let's clean something! At the gym, I'm all, "Lets Pump Iron MAN!". Haha. My husband is still a dick. I'm still extremely hurt by him. But fuck it. I'll look better than her one day. One day, she'll be the fat one. Muahaha. Nasty porn skanks. I wonder how they feel every night. When they go to bed and lay there. Alone. And women think they're trash. And men only want them for one thing. Haha, losers. :D SO MUCH ENERGY. I'm going to clean. Think skinny girls!! :D


  1. i'm so glad you're feeling good :]
    if i may ask, what are you on? that sounds lovely to have so much energy and no cravings :]


  2. OxyElite Pro.
    These pills are wonderful.
    And they're no exspensive.
    $40 for a 90 count.