Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fast Day 2/3

Sorry for not posting yesterday, my internet was out. I was dying. So day one of fast went well, as in I didn't eat anything. I was starving though. And last night I woke up with bad hunger pangs. I was tempted to eat something, but I resisted and drank a glass of water. Today has been okay. I was a bit dizzy around 2 or so. But it passed. I've had some apple juice and mostly water. My grandma came over today to see our new place. And she brought over fresh cookies :(. When they left I put them out in my car so I couldn't see them and since it's night now, I wont go outside to get them. I'm saving them for the husband if you were wondering. I'm nervous about tomorrows fast. I'm getting pretty weak. I just hope I can make it through the day. Dont forget I have to work and take care of the baby. But I'm hoping for the best. Oh and thanks for all the encouragement everyone! I'm so grateful for my followers!


  1. Drinking some grape juice has helped me feel like a human again. I think I got some sugar in my blood and the dizzyness has passed. So maybe you can also try having some sort of sweet, natural juice. Could help.
    Also Diet Coke is really helping. The sparkles make me feel as if I have had something to eat. And then just trick myself further with chewing a gum practically all day. As long as I chew, the body doesn't figure out that I am getting really hungry.
    I hope it helps somewhat :)

    Sending you skinnies and stay strong!

  2. I saw "new tattoo" on your weight loss goals. That's on mine too. Do you have any tattoos now? Also, strong work on the fast.

  3. Hello girls I have returned to blogger after trying to lose weight the healthy way and developing a better mental health I gave up I threw it all away to become "Delicate!!" Threw all my hard work away so I could eat from one extreme to another, to get to my goals quicker!! As many of us do we give up and think it will be easier and quicker to try a stupid diet which you only end up binging and back to square one!!

    I am ashamed of my choices and want to continue down my path of being healthy!! I can not believe I nearly threw it all away!! I have decided to give it my all 100% and nothing less!! I will reach my GOALS but in a HEALTHY way!!

    I too want to look great in a Bikini, in that Little Party Dress, in those CK Jeans but I want to ROCK them without feeling GUILTY, without LYING to all those around me and to not be KILLING MYSELF in the process!! I want to look HOT in ULTIMATE HEALTH and HAPPINESS, I want to have AWESOME SELF ESTEEM and I want to ROCK CONFIDENCE!! I want to earn the JOY of achieving HEALTH - HAPPINESS - SELF ESTEEM and CONFIDENCE the right way not the wrong way!! I want this more than anything in LIFE and I am going to get it !! It is now or never, there is no looking back!! Please support me and I will return the favor!! I choose to follow girls with distorted eating as I feel they understand what I am going through compared to "normal eating" girls they just think I am crazy!!

    I am putting this every where because I know I will influence at least one person out in this great big world to never give up and to keep trying!!