Monday, February 7, 2011

"You're Big, I'm Big Too."

That's what I was told today, by my husband. Yup, the man I'm supposed to be the most comfortable around, thinks I'm big. Well I guess that's the motivation I needed, because I'm never going over 400 calories a day, again. I'm doing this, even if it kills me. I'm going to take my pills everyday, nothing but water or black coffee, and I'm hitting the gym every fucking day. I will be skinny. I want to be little, not big. I want to be fragile. And I'm going to do it. I don't fucking care anymore, food is my enemy. Fuck food.


  1. hmmm... food really isn't an enemy, and cutting back so much isn't gonna help to loose weight quickly at your cw... your body will burn muscle first and muscle is what keeps your metabolism going and burning calories when you not exercising.. I sugest go to gym on empty stomach and do 10-20 minutes of cardio then 10 minute break with a snack ( apple, banana or some beries) and afterwards go nuts on all the weights you can get your hands on!! don't forget streches at the end to make you look lean rather then bulky and eat every two hours !! no matter by how little... sugar level has to remain the same through out the day for best results.. trust me it works if you keep at it for over 3 weeks... I lost 6kg in 3 weeks and an inch of my waist!! with eating 1500-2000kcal a day, think what you could achieve...

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  2. Hun again I think complete wonderful example of a guy saying something stupid that maybe wasn't meant to upset you?

    That aside I really hope you succeed with this and start to see some results. It'll be worth it. Just do something that makes you feel good everyday, something positive towards making your goal real.

    I'm sure pretty soon the hub's gonna eat his words!


  3. Boys are dumb. Stick to your'll get there!