Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Let's Do This...

Charl.- Thanks for the encouragement. It means alot. :)
Andromeda- I'm going to start a 3 day fast tomorrow, you should join with me if you want :) and thanks to you also for the encouragement.

So, I'm starting a 3 day fast tomorrow. And this time I'm doing 3 days. I can push past two. I'm excited to do it. My depression was okay today. Not too bad. I reall just want to hit my goal of 190 SOON. Which is only a few pounds. I can do that, right? My son got another tooth!! I'm so excited!! He is getting so big, so fast. Soon he'll be graduating lol. I'm really bored. I love looking at thinspo, but today it's not keeping my mind of stuff. Maybe I'll go shopping for something. No, probably not. We really don't have the money for that. I do know what I am going to do right now, I'm going to walk my fat ass outside and puff on some cancer. So, if you'll excuse me girls. It's that time again. Think Skinny!


  1. Awesome. So I suppose I'll be joining you. It is always easyer to do together :)

  2. Best of luck with your fast! I haven't tried doing one before, but I'm not at school next week so it seems a great time to try then. :)

    Sending you skinnies xx